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Trésor du Valais


The terroirs

It is an invitation to discover a soil full of wealth and surprise, a movement in the heart of the Chamoson Chamoson terroir.

In Valais, vine and wine have an old history and a present of passion. A museum, in two places, shows the development of this thousand-year-old art: the Château de Villa outbuildings shelter the secrets of wine making.

Wines and grape varieties of Valais

Cave St-Pierre the quiet strength to serve the great Valais wines.

Domaine du Mont d'Or discover an exceptional vineyard in the beautiful protected site of Montorge near Sion.

Maurice Gay the best standard bearer of the Valais winemakers. The activity with experience, vast know-how and modern technologies give exceptional wines.

Cave St Georges develops since 2002 an attractive range of wines.

Vins confédérés Laurent Probst’s blog about Swiss wines.

Valais du vin Paul Vetter’s blog to know all about Valais and world wines.

Les vins du Valais a world of sensations and flavours!

A site dedicated to the Fendant grape variety, Chasselas is also very present at La Côte autour de Rolle La côte autour de Rolle.

Tourism in Valais

In the middle of the largest Valais vineyard, St-Pierre-de-Clages is a traditional village. Its renowned church of the eleventh century with an octagonal bell tower is unique in Switzerland. The village du livre de St-Pierre-de-Clages est membre de l'Association internationale des Villages du Livre.

Valais tourisme Valais official touristic information.

Histoire de la Vigne et du Vin en Valais, (Trente ans de tribulations pour protéger les appellations Dôle, Johannisberg et Fendant), Sabine Carruzzo-Frey, historienne. Pierre Dubuis, historien
Musée valaisan de la Vigne et du Vin

Les vins du

Jean-Yves Boyer - Cognac photo - Cognac

le meilleur du Valais

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