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Trésor du Valais

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The pruning of the vine - story 1
The pruning of the vine is the first step of the winemaker’s work in early spring
The Valais wines

The awakening of the vine - Story 2
The Valais wines

The re-creation of a vine - Story 3
The Valais wines

The rubbing out of unwanted buds - Story 4
The Valais wines

Les traitements de la vigne - Story 5
Les Vins du Valais 

fendant ch belongs to Vaud people!

"The Fendant is good, the Vaud Chasselas is better!"

An imaginary slogan to illustrate  Paul Vetter's investigation  on Internet and the domain name related to wine.

An analysis of Canal9, in the jungle of reserved names related to the Valais specialities.